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The smartest way to manage your hiring process


Attract the best talents and get applications quickly.


Post jobs and launch a personalized career page for your company.


Hire the best talents fast, easily and most efficiently.

Who are we

How it works


Get rid of chores today! Spend your time on what really matters.

Talentics is designed to find the best candidate for your company by using  organized data and automation.


Talentics is designed to save time and energy for your team.

Your hiring process will be a seamless experience for candidates and recruiters with our user-friendly UI and addictive UX features.

How it works

Interview Feedbacks

Interview notes are never lost with the Talentics. Let all the team members write their notes about candidates, choose more wisely.


Choosing the right candidate is easy with the power of metrics. Measure the skills of your candidates, let the numbers speak for the right choice.

Customizable E-Mail Templates

Talentics offers several e-mail templates for all your needs! Still, if you need adjustments, you can easily design and set up your automated e-mails.

Easy to Learn- No Setup Required 

Talentics works easily through a single sign-in, without a need to sign in again and again, and offers easy-to-use UX for a smooth experience

Our Features

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"Talentics ile aday takip süreçlerimizi tamamen otomatize hale getirebildik. Adaylarımız ile yürüttüğümüz tüm işe alım adımlarını artık tek bir kanal üzerinden görüntüleyebiliyor; saniyeler içerisinde rahatlıkla aksiyon alabiliyoruz. İşe alımın tüm operasyonlarından sıyrılıp bize çok ciddi zaman kazandıran Talentics ürününü hem İnsan Kaynakları ekibi olarak biz; hem de iş birimlerindeki yöneticilerimiz kolaylıkla kullanabiliyorlar. Talentics ile aday takip süreçlerimizi yürütmekten çok memnunuz."

Hande Erener Güranı 

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Our Customers

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Tel: +905322401461

Rasimpaşa Mah. Halitağa Cad. Özlem İş Hanı No: 32 / 31 Kadıköy / İSTANBUL - TR





Talentics is an innovative recruiting SaaS and an HR tool that makes it easy for candidates and HR teams to make the hiring process easier, faster, and smarter. Talentics is designed for the ease of the HR teams and hiring managers. 


Talentics currently offers interview feedbacks, e-mail templates, scorecards, reports, and more, all being customizable according to the needs of the companies, and to aid the HR team in strategically deciding the right talent for the company. Talentics is also meticulous for GDPR requirements, sensitive information regarding the candidates, and private settings for the calendars, protecting the confidentiality of the candidates, employees, and the companies. 


With Talentics, HR teams can instantly begin delegating time-consuming tasks to predefined automation systems, strengthening their abilities to find the right talent more efficiently. 

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